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2009 - Elizabeth Sanders $1,500

2010 - Luke Chocola $1,500

2011 - Amanda Cockrell $1,000

2012 - Alyssa Van Buren $1,000

2013 - Madison Nye $1,000

2014 - Ashley Graham $1,000

2015 - Alyssa Schaeffer $1,000

2016 - Bree Kovalkevich $1,000

Kelli Halterman



Each year American Elite Booster Club awards a number of scholarships to senior athletes. One in particular honors the memory of Kelli Halterman...


These scholarships are awarded to AE Seniors who have been with the cheer program at least two (2) years and have applied for the annual scholarship. The first scholarships were provided in May of 2009. To date the AEABC has given $15,000.


Scholarship funds are provided by current AE parents through fundraising, private and corporate contributions. The AEABC (501C3) accepts ongoing donations. If you would like to donate please contact Mike Panasiti, Booster Club President.


The Kelli Halterman Scholarship Fund


The American Elite Allstars Booster Club honors the life Kelli Halterman with this scholorship. Kelli was an American Elite athlete who died tragically in an automobile accident in November of 2008. Kelli was a senior in high school who had a vibrant and daring personality that was ready to take on the next phase of her life. Kelli was a participant at our first Cheerleading Worlds. This heartbreaking loss reminds us we should be thankful for our family, friends and our AE community.


Kelli’s mother, Holly Halterman, has attended our banquet every year to honor her very special daughter & present this distinctive award to the selected outgoing senior.

2010 -

Camille Reeves

Christy Robison

Jordyn Whipkey

2011 -

Mo Kemp

Bri Reed

2012 -

Sam Campbell

Kristen Hale

2013 -

Kaylee Budd

Casey Hilditch

Brandon Posk

Past AEABC Scholarship recipients...

2014 -

MacKenzie Packard

Randi Sargent

2015 -

Sarah Gatto

Jessica Sankovic

2016 -

Sidney Long

Alexis Russell